Where to find it

The Way of the 88 Temples and The Way of the Stars are published by the University of Virginia Press and can be obtained at amazon.com and amazon.ca, as well as at Chapters in Canada and Barnes & Noble in the United States. In Ottawa, the book can be purchased at several local bookstores, including Collected Works, Singing Pebble Books and Chapters. It is also available through amazon.com in an ebook format.

You can purchase Rumour of God online by clicking on one of these links:

The book was scheduled to be released by Novalis Press in an ebook format in September of 2012.

In Ottawa, A Rumour of God can be obtained at several local bookstores, including Nicholas Hoare, Singing Pebble Books, Canterbury House Books, Collected Works and the Chapters store on Rideau Street.

Northern Spirits can be most easily purchased online at amazon.ca or amazon.com, or directly from McGill-Queen's University Press. It is also available in an ebook format at amazon.com.